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The Avant Gardens

Long ago, the Avant Gardens was a paradise. A world devoid of Maelstrom, untouched by the raging war, and a reminder to all of what life was like before the demise of Planet Crux.
However all of that changed after several Monument engineers discovered a small Maelstrom deposit in the ground. The Paradox Faction, eager to seize the opportunity to analyze it, quickly established a research facility and a mine. Afterwards, a vast train system was constructed by the Assembly to make transportation across the world easier.
Alas, the Paradox workers were not able to study the substance in peace. An accident caused a massive explosion of Maelstrom, corrupting all but one of the researchers, reprogramming the defense mechs, and allowing a monstrosity of the Paradox's creation to escape. The Sentinels were quickly dispatched from Nimbus Station, and erected a blockade to prevent the swarm of corrupted researchers from reaching the Monument. In the far-off vortex of the Maelstrom, the Darkitect memorized the anatomy of the corrupted researchers, allowing him to replicate and clone them at will, making for an endless onslaught of Stromlings against the Sentinel guards.


Launch Area:

Overview: The first area that all new arrivals to the Avant Gardens reach. This area was first constructed by the Venture League shortly after the creation of the Nexus Force.
- Sofia Amalgam: Shirt, food, and weapon vendor. She was one of the first settlers of the Avant Gardens, having arrived shortly after it was colonized by the Nexus Force. Click for items.
- Darby Snapwish: Brick vendor. She immigrated to the Avant Gardens from the Vanguard Outpost.
- Brutus Speck: Model vendor. He is a member of the Assembly Faction, and first arrived in the Avant Gardens to assist Rusty Steele in the construction of the monument. Since then, he went into the merchant business. Click for items.
- Hu Where: Model vendor. Hu Where trained as a ninja in the Forbidden Valley. When the Paradox first started their dealings with Numb Chuck, Hu Where was one of the first ninjas to request to join them. Since then he relocated to Nexus Tower to train under Vanda Darkflame. After the Paradox Research Facility exploded, he was dispatched there by her in order to retrieve the Maelstrom Cube from Wisp Lee, the last survivor of the incident. Click for items.
- Swabby Bilgebarrel: Model vendor. Swabby lived in the Gnarled Forest for the majority of his life, however recently relocated to the Avant Gardens to provide the pirates with some potential business partners in other worlds. He frequently gets into arguments with his business rival Hu Where.
- Oliver Sudden: Oliver arrived in the Avant Gardens along with the other Sentinels after the Paradox research facility incident. He stayed his comrades to provide logistical support in the Launch Area. When he's not on duty, he supervises his own footrace competition around the Monument and Launch Area.
- Crash Helmut: Crash is a member of the Property Guards, a division of the Nexus Force created to oversee the stability of the property moons around each of the worlds. He fought the Spider Queen when she arrived in the Block Yard, however he was forced to flee once he realized he needed to call back reinforcements.
- Sky Lane: Sky was the captain of the Venture Explorer prior to it being struck down by the Maelstrom. She, along with Jett Moonshot, one of the recruits, and Bob, escaped in rockets to the Avant Gardens.
- Bob: Bob is a non-aligned Nexus Force agent who joined Sky Lane and Jett Moonshot in the Venture Explorer to recruit members to the Nexus Force from far-off planets.
- Jett Moonshot: The third of the Venture Explorer trio, Jett Moonshot is an experienced veteran officer who has traveled to many of the worlds in the Nimbus System.


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